I’ll start by saying I am not very interested in watching the news which I think is very biased. So I didn’t follow the presidential race, or any other very well. My husband did and several friends helpfully posted their views or links on Facebook.

I was an election day poll worker for the second time. My first election was much smaller and this one was huge in comparison. I was very thankful to each voter that thanked us for our service. Yes we do get paid, but it’s not an extreme amount. It is however enough to help out our budget which I try to do every chance I get. Working a few days a year fits in nicely with our homeschool schedule. If you are looking for a way to bring in some extra income and have the flexibility in your schedule I highly recommend it.

It is also a very long day, getting up at 4 to be at a place I have never been before by 5. Looking for where to go in the dark and then knowing I would not be leaving until it was dark again. Most people don’t realize that there are not shifts, you work from open to close on election day. And then you have to clean up. I got to leave at 8.

I had fun working the polls. I worked with nice people and had fun getting to know them. We had very nice voters and only one sightly obnoxious guy. The new poll pad system of checking people in went very smoothly. And I smiled almost all day because I was enjoying myself.

The only really hard part was when I started to get a migraine about an hour into the workday.It was still during our rush and I felt awful at the idea of running to the car to get some meds. But finally I had to. I used oils, I rubbed on pain cream, I drank water and finally remembered I hadn’t had any caffeine even though I had brought my coconut water coffee with me, and I took two over the counter pain meds. I really hated that last part. I try my best to only take natural meds. But sometimes they take longer or they don’t work as well as I need them to right away. I was in pain and facing a really long day so I gave in. Altogether I felt better in about an hour, so something worked.

A co worker told me that I had a very pleasant personality, which actually meant she was upset that everyone was coming to my sign in spot and walking past her. I couldn’t help it! I was bored so every time someone came in I waved and called them over. And I felt like I was better at it than the other team was so I just wanted to help people quickly. I finally stopped and let them have people who came in alone and when they were busy I would grab up the next person. But all in all it was a good work day.

I finally got home around 8:15. I saw my kids for a few minutes and then went to lay in bed. I wanted to go right to bed but my husband really wanted to watch the election results come in. So I did. I had a 20 hour day before I went to sleep that night. Remember, 2 years ago I had mono really bad and slept for about 20 hours a day, so I was pretty proud of myself even though I was in considerable pain by then.

We stayed up long enough to find out that Donald Trump was going to win. I hadn’t voted for either main candidate, feeling like neither one was one I could feel good about voting for afterwards. I am neither happy nor unhappy with Donald Trump becoming president, but I will support our President. I will pray for him and I will pray that we as a country can get over our individual feelings and simply support our President and the office he will hold.

One last thing about the 2016 election. I really wish the third party had gotten enough votes to make it into debates from now on. I’m not going to pretend that I know all that much about those policies or anything, just that I wish third parties had an actual chance.

How was your election day 2016?