I love to do lists. It’s how I organize my day. I am very forgetful, but I also hate to procrastinate, so to do lists are essential for me!

For years I have just used whatever notebook or scrap paper that is closest and use that. It is convenient but there are a few problems. First, I often loose the notebook because it looks like any other and I just grab a new one. also losing all the lists and notes I made in the progress.

Secondly, there are too many lines and too much space so I give myself way too much to do which results in my having to move things over at the end of each day the things that didn’t get done. For awhile this was fine. Eventually it made me feel like a failure. Each little thing I had to copy and move made me feel inadequate, when in reality I was very productive! I suffer from depression so I knew I had to fix this before it upset me further.

I also keep little notes and to do lists in my phone on an app which is helpful but I can’t use it for everything because I can’t see it all at once. It’s really only good for making little notes while I’m out and don’t have paper. Also, I really like seeing what I accomplished each day and with the app you just delete it after your done.

In my quest to solve my to do list problems I have:

  • tried pre-made to do list templates
  • other phone apps
  • making my own and laminating
  • and more….

So in another desperate attempt I searched on Amazon last week when I was feeling like a to do lists failure. I found the Panda Planner….

So far I am in serious like. Not quite love. In order for it to be love I would need a few tweaks like a what’s for dinner section(I just use the notes section.) But I like it way more than everything else I have tried.

What I really like:

  • Monthly, weekly, daily sections
  • A grateful for section
  • What I’m excited about section
  • Daily time breakdown
  • Top priorities have more space than lesser priorities
  • Today’s wins exercise section
  • Daily habit to work on section ( ours is currently eating at the table. We have been successful everyday since I bought this planner.)
  • It is big and well made and does not look like my notebooks so it is not easily lost
  • It has strings for bookmarks to easily find your current month, week and day
  • Room for 4 monthly projects. I love this. Now I can really focus n 4 and try to get them finished before the end of the month.
  • This months goals section

Of course there are sections I don’t totally care for but I can change them into whatever I want. I feel like this is a really positive, upbeat planner. It was created by a person going through lots of medical treatments and I really love how positive it is and how it has sections for priorities so you can see whats most important and focus on that first. It’s also a small personal business which I’m very much in favor of supporting.

I have had this planner for about five days. Do I think I’ll buy another one when I’m done with this one? I have no idea. But I do know that I now have a higher standard for planners and will never just go back to a notebook. Maybe I’ll even publish my own someday!