I was an early Gilmore Girls fan. It was on of the few series I found in the first season and watched it all the way through. I was an instant fan. I bought all the DVD sets and watched all the behind the scenes stuff I could get my hands on. Over the years I have re-watched the show from beginning to end over and over while I was cleaning or doing other chores. I know it so well I don’t have to see it, just hear it and know exactly what is going on.

I was so excited when I heard that Gilmore Girls were coming back! A Year In The Life was much anticipated in my house. Black Friday 2016 was shopingless, instead filled with Gilmore binge watching and eating leftovers. Since I’m now writing this post, there will be no shopping. My mind is still in Stars Hollow and I’m sure it will stay there for a few days.

Now, just in case the title of this post was not clear, there will be SPOILERS! You were safe so far, but if you have not watched all four seasons of the new episodes on Netflix, DO NOT KEEP READING! It was a wonderful 6 hours that I do not want to spoil for anyone. You have been fairly warned.

It was amazing. I was in shock. I was sad. I was hopeful and frustrated. I was jittery and nervous. And I had hysterical laughter and joy where I jumped up and down and hit the pillow because I was so happy and excited!

My husband watched some of it with me and yes he thinks I’m crazy when I’m bouncing up and down, squealing with delight, about a TV show. He also knows I have been waiting for this for a long time. He also knows I’m a Gilmore Fanatic, maybe even more than I am a Harry Potter or Twilight Fanatic. I’m not sure about Buffy or Charmed, if they came back I might literally scream with delight. But I digress, he knows I’m crazy and was not fazed by my reactions, after 14 years he knows me pretty well.

Anyway, let’s talk about the episodes. I have so far only watched one time all the way through. I started watching again right away, the second that Fall ended actually, but then I decided to take a break. Then I decided to write about it so that I could fully delve into my feelings about this. And here we are. We will start at the beginning.


When I first saw the Gilmore Girls in the gazebo I felt anxious. What do you mean Rory hasn’t been around much? Why doesn’t Rory stay in one spot when she finally gets cell service? Instead she just keeps walking and ends up in a bad spot again. Why do cabbages equal cell service?

The fast talking was refreshing but also showed that Rory only talks so fast and in crazy circles when she is with her mom. Well Luke has said she has a slightly better grip on reality than her mom. I was oh so glad to see Luke and Lorelai together and happy.

I had watched every trailer I could find before A Year In The life aired. So I knew that it showed the funeral for Richard. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was in the flash back form and we didn’t come in right on Richard dying as if we were only days too late to have seen him. And even though angry Emily annoyed and frustrated me, I had my usual respect for her. I love how she can be the victim and the attacker at the same time. Like Lorelai, I never see it coming.

I smell snow. I love it. And I started watching early this morning and the one time I did have to leave the house today, I swear it smelled like snow. Of course I had just seen this scene minutes before so the power of suggestion was high, and no, it did not snow.

Logan. I have a hate love relationship with this character. Very much like Christopher, Rory’s dad. I am glad she is still with him in a way at least. It seems right. I don’t like that she hasn’t told her mom.

Paul, Rory’s very forgettable boyfriend… Not much to say about this character. Kind of seems odd that Rory would even be with someone like him. I guess it speaks to how far off track she is and how out of control her life is.

Kirk. I love this character. Ooober is right up his alley, of course he screws it up. I’m also delighted that he and Lulu started talking about having a baby and the town got them a pig instead. When I saw the pig in the trailers I thought it had to be either Kirk’s or Michel’s. I’m glad it was Kirk. We saw very little of Lulu.

Lane is there. She is a mom, in a band, and a concerned wife. Also still a very devoted friend. She is also very involved with town life. She almost seems to be living the dependable normal life in quirky Stars Hollow that I always thought Rory would have.

Paris is crazy as ever. Very successful, but a ferocious mess as usual. Loved it!

My mind is still having a hard time separating the different seasons. So I’m going to have to go re watch them season by season. Look for a summer Gilmore review asap! What did you think of Winter?