So many things to point out but not a lot to say about any of them. I’m going to jump around a bit.


Emily tricked Lorelai into this and now they just sit there in silence. You can slowly see the therapist bow to the stress. Eventually she starts smoking again to deal with it. Emily quits because the therapist doesn’t agree with her. Lorelai keeps going but says nothing about her mom quitting to Luke and even eventually lies to him about her being there. He doesn’t say that he know its not true because he spent the whole day with Emily which I think is even worse if you ask me. At least one of them needs to be good at this honesty thing. It looks like it’s going to be the April thing all over again where they are both afraid to say anything until it explodes!

Emily also accused Lorelai of leaving her a nasty note on her birthday. Lorelai says she didn’t…. And we never find out who left it. At least not in this episode. I’m hoping that maybe I just missed it somehow in my first viewing and when I watch Summer and Fall for the second time I will figure it out.

Food Festival

Mr. Kim! We finally see Lanes dad! He was there all along, we just never met him. Rory has though.

Mrs. Kim was in it for just a couple minutes, training a new choir. Lane was wearing a rock band shirt in front of Mrs. Kim so that must have finally worked out. I really wish we had seen more of Mrs. Kim and Lane.

Mitchum Huntzberger, one of the few characters that looks exactly the same, shows up while Rory and Logan are having lunch and we find out Logan is engaged! Logan very much like his father I can only assume Mitchum knew exactly what was going on. The knife in the back comment made everyone uneasy. I was frustrated when she asked for his help later on. But I was also happy that she was accepting help from Logan in a way. But of course it all turned out bad.

I had to look up Aeschylus. He was an ancient playwright known for writing tragedies. I still can’t figure out what Naomi Shropshire was trying to say about him but I was happy when she canceled her book. Rory should be above dealing with people like this. But she is stubborn and won’t listen to the many people who look at her skeptically every time she mentions it.

I love Taylor. He is upset about Woodbury not lending them their gays and he can’t understand how he did not have over 100 countries of food represented in his tiny Stars Hallow. Poor Taylor. He keeps Stars Hallow moving along and nobody gives him enough credit.

Michel is upset they will never bag Jennifer Lawrence without mini fridges.

I really wish we could have seen Liz and TJ and Doula, but their story line is kept alive. They have accidentally joined a vegetable cult. That is so them.

The real Paul Anka starred in another of Lorelai’s dreams as she talks to him as if he were the dog Paul Anka. I had to finally look up who Paul Anka was and followed him on Facebook.

Kirk showed his second film. I don’t buy it. I think he would have done a film a year while the show was off the air. I did like it better than the first film.

Rachel Ray’s cameo was funny.

Even from the grave Richard is trying to franchise Luke’s. I don’t think he ever even ate there.

Rory returned to Chilton, just for the day. We get to see Paris go nuts, Tristan, Francie, and the headmaster. I still think Rory should teach at Chilton.

Rory fell apart after that:

  • She gets officially fired from writing the book about Naomi.
  • Tries to do a lame line story. She should have just wrote about her mom’s way of getting around the lines.
  • Sleeps with a wookie!
  • Finally admits to her mom about Logan. I was also sure Lorelai would already know!
  • Bombs the website gig. I loved the Sandee character! She was great at fast talking and was someone I just loved to hate.
  • Destroys her phones (Why does Lorelai never have phone problems in Stars Hollow?)
  • moves back home

I think Lorelai is thinking back to when she told Christopher Rory was going to need them when she was older. I think she had said 42, but 32 seems to be pretty tough for Rory.

What did you think about the Spring episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?