Rest day for a homeschool mom trying to complete a kitchen remodel before summer just seems counter productive. Unless your also a homeschool mom/ renovator/ with an auto immune disease. Then it’s necessary to have days where you do nothing.

I am not good at doing nothing. I am proud of being a productive person. I use a bullet journal to plan my life, diligently crossing off each and every little thing I get done during the day. Each thing I cross off makes me feel accomplished. Like I’m holding up my end of this deal my husband and I have. He goes to work and gets a paycheck. I stay home with the kids and teach them, clean the house, pay the bills, help with my grandma, dog-sit, and handle all the little errands and tasks that come with all of that. When I don’t get to check things off I just feel useless.

Why? Why do I feel useless on days I have to rest? My husband does not resent me for it. He insists on them actually. If he didn’t, I probably would not do them until I was too ill to get out of bed unassisted. I need rest days. My body needs it and loves it. My brain just hates it. It makes me feel lazy knowing my husband is at work and I’m resting. I say that word with a nasty look on my face by the way.

So how do I deal with this conflict of physically needing rest and emotionally needing to be productive? Back to my bullet journal. I list things I don’t normally list. I list resting, a long bath, reading, and watching that show I have wanted to check out for weeks. I do any jobs I can get done from my laptop, like registering for homeschool group and fine arts classes.

Things that need to get done and require physically moving still get put on the list. I just add the word kids in the margin. My kids love it when I have a rest day. They are preteens and mainly want to do their own things like art, reading and watching minecraft YouTube videos. I have them do the things that must be done. Like move the laundry, hand wash the few pots we have dirty in the bathroom sink since we are mainly using paper plates these days, tidy up, take out the trash and so on. They finish in ten minutes what would have taken me hours. Then I still get to cross those things off the list. It doesn’t matter if I dd it myself or if I delegated. Plus, kids that have to help around the house become more successful adults. I read that somewhere, it makes sense to me.

So now the to do list is complete. I am resting in bed. And my brain isn’t telling me I’m a loser. Yay!